Hurting For His Glory 

I’m sweaty. I’m sticky. I’m getting a weird sunburn from sitting at a certain angle. I just feel gross. But a few hours later, my feet are hurting because I’m standing on them not moving a muscle. My nerves in my legs are yelling ‘Sit Down.’ There’s a pain in my right ankle that was killing me. I really didn’t care because I was standing in a gym of 500-600 college students that work at all of the camps. We were all just not giving a care in the world of HOW we were praising Jesus in worship. All hands were lifted in some sort of fashion. I was literally crying of the overwhelming sensation of every person in that gym that had the LOVE of Jesus Christ. Heck, I cried multiple times because it was so, so beautiful. I could not stop crying. I cried during the sermon the speaker was giving that night. I was filled with a mass amount of emotion for these people. It was just so dang beautiful. That was one day during our training week. 

This past week was a lot of pain physically. My ankles felt like mud. My legs felt like needles from one sharp pain to another. Just yesterday, I was crying about how much pain was in within my legs as a whole, especially in my right leg. 

But God shows just how big he is through the people I work with when someone is hurting. One of the acts of service was that the kitchen staffers prayed for me, this other guy prayed for me at the Friday picnic, and the rest of the kitchen staff were giving me bear hugs. But the one memory that tops the cake is one of my girls from my adopted cabin wanted my contact information because she wants to talk to me about Jesus and life. It makes my heart overflow and swarm with desire to grow my ministry. 

It’s not about the heat. It’s not about pain. It’s not about what we’re doing on the weekends. It’s not about what man thinks about what we’re doing. It’s about the hearts that need saving from the one who abundantly chases after us, the one who wants our hearts and lives to be like his for his glory. 

Love, Annie 

P.S. I may reveal my real name at the end of the month 😎 


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