Looking Back For The Right Reasons

Setting of the day: I’m at an Arby’s in Branson, Missouri on a date with Jesus. This day has been so chill and beautiful just talking with Him and making regular decisions like I would every day. I would advise intimately dating Jesus NOW. 

For the past week: I have been doing this study in Haggai for the past 8 days. The Lord has been showing me some mind-blowing stuff lately. In chapter one verse four, it says how the people were not wanting to rebuild the temple of the LORD, because they did not feel like it since they refused to listen to the LORD. Sometimes we feel like that when we don’t listen to God when we are in a sticky situation. We are all stubborn to the core. Imagine yourself wanting to watch Netflix instead of climbing a mountain that is only 15 minutes away. But the Lord is whispering to you, you should. You know the hike is worth it when you are on the top, because the view is breathtaking. 

We can’t just sit and wait for something to be given to us. We have to get off our butt and go for what we desire. Also in Haggai, I am reminded of verse fourteen where God stirs up the spirits of the people to rebuild the temple. In the study note about verse 14, it portrays how God gives them an intense desire to work to repair His house.

Lately, God has been showing me the word intimacy. My boss has been talking about the relationship intimacy with the Lord. I really never knew what it meant until she explained it to me and my fellow co-workers. To be truly intimate with Jesus Christ as my Savior, God, and Lord, I have to be truly intentional and sexually intimate with Him. The definition of intimate as an adjective is private and personal. Our relationship with Him should be so intimate it is intense. I love it so much. 

One situation that has been coming to my mind a lot lately is a falling-out I had with this friend back in November. I had this conviction to write her a letter and give it to her. I remember writing the letter and crying so much, because I simply did not want to. As I was reading the history and facts about Haggai, the theme for the book is restoring the Lord’s house by the people of God will mediate God’s presence. At first, I did not know the definition of mediate, so I had to look it up. The definition is intervening between people in a dispute in order to bring about an agreement or reconciliation. The situation I was in left me devastated and left my ex-boyfriend pissed about what went down. I see how Christ intervened to show me I did not have to have a relationship with this girl anymore. 

Jesus has revealed Haggai to me for several reasons. Especially in chapter one verse four, the Lord shows me that I was stuck in my personal dwelling to fix the problem. I was so focused on repairing relationships then and in the past. The conviction I had to write the letter was God’s way of telling me to not choose my way, instead it was His redemption than my personal comfort. The Lord gives instruction in chapter one verse five to ponder our actions and see the results of the experience. The result I see within myself is the stronger person I am with my flesh and my relationship with Christ. 

Over everything, His redemption is greater than our personal comfort. 

With Love, 





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