My fellow friends and acquaintances, to be quite honest, Annie is my online persona. But my real name is Sarah. I am a born and raised Tennessee girl that loves food {especially chicken, pancakes, and curly fries} and music regularly. Like seriously, I’m either eating or listening to Country, Folk, Bluegrass, or Christian music. 

I leave you with this: Being who you truly are has some guts in the world nowadays in this selfish world. That’s why I’m excited to leave Earth and be with my King! I have dealt with a lot of fake/two-faced people in my life. I have chosen my dependence within my Jehovah-Shammah. People will leave, but the Lord God never will. People are never still and at peace, but God gives the peace that is said Isaiah 26:3. Whoever reads this, may you be more curious about what the Lord is saying in your heart and mind.  I am praying that for you and for myself.  

My Story: 

I was made fun of and teased about a mass amount of things growing up in grade school. If there was a book of everything a person could be teased about/being made fun of, I would say yes to every single one of them. I let everything get to me, and it slowly destroyed me in the worst way. Suicidal thoughts began when I was 11 and into the rest of my grade school years. I lived with so much shame and guilt about of what I was doing to myself. The thoughts and actions got worse over time. No one knew what I was struggling with; I thought no one would understand what I was feeling. It was not until one night in the summer before I started college, I shared with my mom all of my feelings I had for the past (almost) seven years. She showed love and grace that I did not deserve. I later shared with my Dad about my struggle about 4 months later. He showed me the same love and grace. It was not until January of 2017 when I rededicated my life to the Lord that I knew the absolute unconditional love, grace, and mercy my Heavenly Father showed me during that time. He continues to show me that every single day when I fall short of the ugly sins I make daily.